Vector Graphic Auto-Generation

Complicated vector data from bar codes to LED substrates instantaneously and automatically generated

Vector graphics are a way to express images with points, and the lines and shapes that connect them. In contrast to this, raster graphics are expressed with a grid of colored dots. Adobe Illustrator and CAD software are the main applications for creating vector graphics, and Adobe Photoshop is well known as an application to create raster graphics. We have been developing systems and plugins to automatically generate these vector graphics for 20 years, and the following describes an example of our achievements.

  • Bar codes and QR codes
  • Complicated infographics such as earthquake magnitude diagrams and national election diagrams, etc.
  • Package design data, LED substrates, etc.

We have many software applications and engines that can instantaneously create complicated vector graphics such as those described above from data directly input to a website form, or from CVS data, etc. output from a database . Recently, there has been an increase in the number of systems being developed to automatically generate PDF files for printing in the cloud.

The advantage of our vector graphic automatic generation technology is due to our

  • Plugins for Adobe products such as Illustrator, and
  • Cloud system that can be operated from a web browser or tablet,

which we have seamlessly combined.