Segment Tools

The essential plug-in for pattern drafting in Illustrator

Measures any curved objects and assists your work with convenient tools

Adobe Illustrator is a smart option for anyone who wants to draft patterns more intuitive and freely. However, this great software doesn’t have enough functions for that because it’s not made for pattern making.

Segment Tools adds necessary features for pattern drafting such as measuring curves and creating notches. This will solve time-consuming jobs like adjustment of arm hole and make your work much faster and more accurate. Let’s make beautiful patterns with Segment Tools!

Tools included:

  • Length Tool : From straight lines to curves, the accurate length will be shown just by selecting a dimension. By inputting value, you can adjust a curve to a certain length.
  • Pointer Tool : This tool creates a pointer (notch) instantly at accurate location.
  • Handle Line Tool : This tool draws a handle of a bazier curve as a line. You can also create a diagnal line to draw an extended line.
  • Path/Point Adjust Tool : Two kinds of tools for fitting two objects at points or on paths.
  • Length Comment Tool : This tool shows a text of length measured with Length Tool on the art board. You can use this tool like a memo.
  • Slant Tool : Adjustment for slanted object such as a scanned image of pattern.

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Product Information

Product NameSegment Tools
System RequirementsThis is a plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator. You need following version of Illustrator working normally on Mac or Windows.
Mac : Illustrator CS6 – 2021
Windows : Illustrator CS6 – 2021
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