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  • What is subscription? How does it work?
    See Guide to subscription license.
  • When will my license expire?
    Subscription license is valid for one year from the day of purchase.
    [Example] If you placed an order on Feb. 4th 2021. it will valid until Feb. 3rd 2022. Payment for another year will be automatically done on Feb. 4th 2022 unless you cancel subscription. You can see your expiration date on “My Account“.
  • I purchased a plug-in from a distributor. How can I renew my subscription?
    If you purchased from a distributor, your subscription will not be renewed automatically. Please ask your distributor and order another year’s subscription.
  • How can I edit my billing information?
    Log in to “My Account“. Click “Subscription” on the left in the page. Then click “change payment”.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    Log in to “My Account“. Click “Subscriptions” on the left in the page. Then click “Cancel” to stop auto renewal of your license. You can still use the plug-in until the expire date. You can also resume the subscription by clicking “Reactivate”.
    (In case you purchased from a distributor, subscription renewal is not automatic.)
  • I want to move my plug-in’s license to a new computer from my old one.
  • I need an invoice for my order.
    Login to “My Account” and click  Subscriptions > View > Invoice. The invoice in PDF will be generated.
  • Do you offer any method of payment other than credit card?
    We accept wire transfer as well. Please contact us.

Install / Uninstall

  • How to install/uninstall
  • How to authenticate a plug-in with subscription license
  • How many computers can I install the plug-in with one license?
    You can install to up to two computers that you own with one license. However, the plug-in can’t be launched on those two at the same time. Please read End User License Agreement for more information about our license policy.
  • Adobe Illustrator crashes when loading the plug-in.
    A wrong version of plug-in is installed. Please install the right version of plug-in that is compatible with your Adobe Illustrator.
  • Serial number doesn’t work.
    Copy and paste your numbers without space. Also, make sure that you are entering the numbers to the right plug-in’s authentication window. Often BPT-Pro and EXDXF-Pro are mistaken.
  • I get an error message “Warning: Unknown Error (0)” and authentication fails.
    Connection to authentication server seems to be blocked for some reason. Please see this page.
  • I lost my serial number.
    Log in to “My Account“. Click “My Subscription” on the left in the page. Scroll down to “Related orders” and click “view”. You can see the serial numbers for your purchased licenses.
  • Plug-in doesn’t appear in Adobe Illustrator while install was successfully done.
    Please make sure that the Adobe Illustrator you just launched is the version you installed the plug-in. Also, make sure that the right plug-in is installed. (Often BPT-Pro and EXDXF-Pro are mistaken.)
  • The texts are garbled.
    The plug-in is not installed properly. Close Adobe Illustrator completely and reinstall. If you are on Windows make sure that the downloaded file is completely unzipped before install.
  • How can I get a manual for the plug-in?
    You can download a PDF manual here.


  • I can’t find BPT-Pro tools.
    The tools are added to Illustrator toolbar. If the tools are not showing, expand the tool box by selecting Window > Toolbars > Advanced.
  • When drawing dimensions with Dimension tools, guides don’t show properly.
    When the guides don’t show or they move improperly, turn off GPU Performance. Location of the setting : Illustrator > Preference > GPU Performance
  • Does BPT-Pro have a function to set the scale of the drawing?
    Unfortunately BPT-Pro doesn’t have the function to set scale for the drawing itself. The plug-in simply makes dimensions with scales.


  • The exported DXF is missing.
    DXF may not be generated properly when the file name is too long, or contains special characters such as symbols or non-English alphabets. That also occurs when the saving folder or the path to the  folder contains special characters. Try to save the file on desktop with a short and simple name.
  • Lines in exported DXF are not connected.
    Try export with “Polyline” in the line conversion setting.
  • The exported DXF doesn’t look like what I expected.
    Try a different choice of Line Conversion in the export setting window. There are “Polyline” “Polyline and Arc” “Line and Arc” in the setting. The best choice depends on the outcome you expect.
  • Some objects are missing from the exported DXF. 
    Objects on locked or invisible layers will not be exported. Please unlock / show them before exporting.
  • Objects in DXF imported to Illustrator with EXDXF-Pro look different from that was in CAD.
    The imported DXF may not be supported by EXDXF-Pro. The plug-in’s import feature supports R14, R13 and R12. Please try exporting DXF with R12 (this version would be most acceptable) on CAD. Then import it to Illustrator with EXDXF-Pro.

AI Nest-Pro

  • Objects are not nested efficiently. There are a lot of extra space.
    Select “Outline” in the AI Nest-Pro panel and try nesting. Also, lower the margins in the AI Nest-Pro initial settings.
  • The nesting process takes very long time.
    Set the value of “Rotation angle” in the plug-in’s panel to 45 degree and up. Since the layout is calculated for each rotation angle value, the smaller the value, the longer the processing time. Small rotation value is useful when objects of various shapes and sizes are mixed together. On the other hand, if the objects are all close to rectangular in shape, it is recommended to set the value to 45 degrees or more.
    It also depends on the processing power of your PC. We recommend using the fastest environment possible. As a general guideline, a CPU of 8 cores or more and 32 GB of RAM are sufficient for comfortable use.
  • Can nesting be done while preserving the “pattern fill” of the object?
    Yes, it is possible. Also when reproducing, the specified number of objects filled with the pattern in the same way will be nested.