Here’s a guide to purchase, payment and delivery of subscription license.

Legacy license users

Legacy license is permanent license which had ended sale on 29th January 2021. Plug-in data for this type of license is for Adobe Illustrator CS6-2020. Legacy license users still can use the plug-ins as long as they keep their computer and Adobe Illustrator compatible with the data. However, our technical support service for legacy license will end on 30th September 2021.  Use of legacy data will be at your own risk after the end of support.

To use the plug-in on Adobe Illustrator 2021 please purchase a subscription license.

We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Tryout of plug-ins

You can try full functions of plug-in products for 30 times.  *Data Download


Subscription contract and payment are annual. The contract will be automatically renewed (automatically paid by a registered credit card) every year unless you cancel.

BPT-Pro : US$99.00/1year
EXDXF-Pro : US$99.00/1year

How to Purchase

Online Store

Plug-in products are available only from Baby Universe Online Store.

For Distributors

Basically we don’t have distributor price. If you are a distributor please purchase from our online store with end user’s information. If you are interested in a continuous partnership contract with us please contact us. (The partnership contract will have some requirements.)

Delivery and Return Policy

After payment is done, a serial number and ID which are needed for authentication of the plug-in will be sent to you by email. Since the items you receive are information, return/change for your personal reason can not be accepted after delivery.

If you have any question feel free to contact us.