Authentication of subscription plug-ins

Serial number is needed to authenticate and use the plug-in without limitation. You can buy the license and get the serial number at our online store.

First install the plug-in to your Illustrator. Relaunch the application after install and when you use the plug-in, a window to enter the serial number will pop up. On BPT-Pro, it appears by clicking on the tool button. On EXDXF-Pro, it does when exporting or importing a file with the plug-in.

Enter your serial number to the boxes. (ID is separated to 5 by hyphens : 11 digits – 4 digits – 5 digits – 4 digits – 5 digits. Enter each number to a corresponding box.)
Then click “OK” to authenticate.

*ID numbers used in this guidance are examples.

Authentication Error

After you entered serial number and click “OK”, the plug-in connects to the authentication server. In case you had an error message “Warning: Unknown Error (0)” and authentication failed, the connection was blocked for some reason. First please check your computer is connected to internet.

Otherwise security software or firewall may block the connection. Ask your system administrator and allow connection to the authentication server. If you can’t identify the server to allow please contact us.

Free Trial before purchase

A window for authentication will pop up when you clicked any of BPT-Pro tools. Click “TRY” in the window. Then you can try all tools of BPT-Pro until you quit Illustrator. The number of trial counts down every time you launch Illustrator and try the plug-in.

A window for authentication will pop up when you are going to import or export a DXF file using EXDXF-Pro. Click “TRY” in the window. The number of trial counts down every time you import or export DXF file.