2D-CAD Tools & DXF Converter for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a great software which you can draw anything in its intuitive way of operation. Do you know that adding some extra tools to it makes a great CAD software?
CAD-COMPO is a series of plugins that allows you to do professional CAD work on Adobe Illustrator –  measurement, dimensioning, labeling, exporting/importing DXF and even more.
Try Adobe Illustrator + CAD-COMPO before paying for expensive CAD!

CAD-COMPO Plug-ins :

BPT-Pro – 2D CAD Plugin

If you need to add dimensions to drawings, try BPT-Pro. This plug-in will incredibly reduce time and labor for making them. The software has 19 kinds of easy-to-use tools necessary for CAD drawing on Illustrator : Dimensioning, scaling, angle, labeling and even drawing a title block etc. BPT-Pro will turn your Adobe Illustrator into a great CAD. 

EXDXF-Pro – DXF Import/export

EXDXF-Pro coverts CAD-standard DXF files to Adobe Illustrator with accuracy. Various optional settings will meet your professional needs.

Example: How to make a title block with CAD-COMPO plug-ins

You can create a professional title block easily in combination of CAD-COMPO plug-ins.

1. Create a new title block just by drugging with Schedule tool in BPT-Pro.

2. Import a DXF drawing document using EXDXF-Pro. Then input information to the title block.

3. You can easily add technical information such as dimension lines and labels to the drawing with BPT-Pro tools.

See the process on video:


CAD-COMPO has been a great addition to Adobe Illustrator for Marrow Furniture.

Although all our ideas start with pencil and paper, the marking and layout functions of CAD-COMPO have been a huge improvement that has allowed us to better express and label our furniture for clients in a digital world.

It allows me to be more efficient with creating Illustrator drawings, giving me more time to spend actually making furniture. From designing custom hardware for 3D Printing or sending digital PDF’s to clients, our job has been made so much easier.

– Ryan Fitzpatrick, Marrow Furniture

Marrow Furniture creates graceful and elegant pieces that will stand the test of time, and not be limited to the fads of a single generation. Handmade in Portland, Oregon.
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